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The real estate investing podcast where we talk real world rei strategies for success, building wealth and achieving financial freedom with experienced investors who share the best advice for epic success without the get rich bs. Listen as guests share their formulas for successful real estate investing and how you can do more deals and increase your profits. Gain insight into what works in today’s market with real world actionable advice to take your real estate investing to the next level. From advanced topics on multi-unit apartment buildings and commercial property investment, to the basics of getting started wholesaling a 1st deal and flipping houses. Rookies and newbies can learn to master the art of flipping houses with a 360 view from real life guys and gals doing dealz, while more experienced and advanced investors can learn through those who are crushing it in real estate investing. Even passive investors can learn more about how to grow their passive income & lifetime cash flow by building a rental empire of turnkey rental properties. Build wealth faster without ever having to pay taxes by keeping more profit in your pockets using a self-directed ira or 401k to invest tax free or tax deferred. Feel empowered to break past your mental limits and out of your comfort zone to gain the mastery of real estate investing. Learn the best strategies, tips and advice ever on wholesaling deals, managing rentals, farm equity and how to do bigger and better deals in your market. Best of all, avoid costly common mistakes by getting your education from other guys who are in the real world classroom and avoid the expensive real life seminars. Join America’s most recognizable website in Real Estate Investing each week to get the latest real estate news and business advice by subscribing to this podcast now.
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Jan 22, 2019

Learn how Jon Schoeller went from being a beginning real estate investor to doing 45 deals in his first 18 months. Jon and his partners are doing multiple investment strategies including wholesaling houses, buying and selling fix and flip properties and doing lease options. Come along as we dive deep into how he finds and vets deals, estimates repairs and determines the exit strategy. If you have ever thought you needed a real estate investing mentor, Jon will explain the approach which worked for him and lead to him being CEO of an investment company.

Topics Covered

  • Where Jon is located & what types of investments he & his company is doing.
  • How Jon got started in real estate investing.
  • How shadowing other investors lead to him being CEO of an investment company.
  • What his first deal looked like.
  • Jon's tips on how to save money on a rehab.
  • How he found lenders.
  • Project management, avoiding trouble, guiding workers.
  • Average price of house he looks for as an investment.
  • Lessons learned the hard way. His sweet spot number for property values to invest in.
  • A deal Jon is proud of. Bought for $27k at an auction. $43k rehab which was $10k over budget.
  • How his rehab estimate was off by $10k & what he learned from the mistake.
  • His strategies for finding deals.
  • The biggest source foreclosure. Which strategies work the best for him.
  • What he looks for when when he sees a property & when he will skip a deal.
  • How he & his partners screen properties & analyze deals in a systematized way.
  • The minimum target margin Jon & his team look for when analyzing a deal.
  • His plans for scaling.
  • Systems & Software being used to scale the business:
  • SlyDial
  • Google Voice
  • BaseCamp 3
  • Bixby (A virtual assistant app developed by Samsung on the Android platform.)
  • Jon's favorite strategy for finding deals.
  • An overview of Jon's team.
  • How Jon & his team are beginning to implement investing in "Rent To Own" deals.
  • How they are seeking to solve seller's problems.
  • How & why his team works to protect & guide the RTO buyer towards closing.
  • Jon goes over his worst deal, why the rehab took too long & went way over budget leading him and his team, along with his advice on preventing the same mistakes from happening again.
  • How Jon stays organized & moving forward in his real estate business.
  • What Jon wishes he could do if he had to start over again in real estate investing.
  • Jon's advice on getting started.

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