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The real estate investing podcast where we talk real world rei strategies for success, building wealth and achieving financial freedom with experienced investors who share the best advice for epic success without the get rich bs. Listen as guests share their formulas for successful real estate investing and how you can do more deals and increase your profits. Gain insight into what works in today’s market with real world actionable advice to take your real estate investing to the next level. From advanced topics on multi-unit apartment buildings and commercial property investment, to the basics of getting started wholesaling a 1st deal and flipping houses. Rookies and newbies can learn to master the art of flipping houses with a 360 view from real life guys and gals doing dealz, while more experienced and advanced investors can learn through those who are crushing it in real estate investing. Even passive investors can learn more about how to grow their passive income & lifetime cash flow by building a rental empire of turnkey rental properties. Build wealth faster without ever having to pay taxes by keeping more profit in your pockets using a self-directed ira or 401k to invest tax free or tax deferred. Feel empowered to break past your mental limits and out of your comfort zone to gain the mastery of real estate investing. Learn the best strategies, tips and advice ever on wholesaling deals, managing rentals, farm equity and how to do bigger and better deals in your market. Best of all, avoid costly common mistakes by getting your education from other guys who are in the real world classroom and avoid the expensive real life seminars. Join America’s most recognizable website in Real Estate Investing each week to get the latest real estate news and business advice by subscribing to this podcast now.
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Feb 4, 2019


Grab something to start taking notes because Gonzalo Corzo lays it all out on how he is crushing it at wholesaling real estate.  This "no-holds-barred" interview takes a close look at how Gonzalo has shadowed & learned from other highly successful investors & then took action to build a highly successful systematized wholesaling business.

Gonzalo tells what it really takes to be a successful wholesaler & leaves no detail hidden.  Come along on this information packed podcast where he outlines in detail each component of his business, the software programs he has implemented, along with how him & his team finds & vets 10 or more deals a month on a consistent basis.

If you want to be a real estate wholesaler, this is one interview that can change your life if you take action!

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Key Takeaways

  1. Gonzalo does more deals than most other wholesalers not because he knows more, but because he takes more action.
  2. Persistence is the key to success in real estate investing.
  3. Keep a good mindset by not listening to the naysayers.
  4. Work to learn (even for free) before you work to earn.

Resources & Books Mentioned

 Topics Covered

  • How Gonzalo got his start in real estate investing.
  • What it was like to tell his family he was dropping out of school. (Don't do this at home!)
  • The strategy he used to shadow & learn from highly successful investors.
  • How he worked for free to learn the ropes from a mentor.
  • What his first deal looked like.
  • The team structure he has built with his partner.
  • Gonzalo's strategies for using VAs (Virtual Assistants).
  • The strategies he is using to find deals & which strategy is working the best.
  • An in-depth look at the software & systems he has in place.
  • Skip-tracing & cold-calling owners.
  • How to lock up a deal before you ever see the house.
  • What to do if you can't find a new buyer before you have to close.
  • When to double close vs when to do a single closing.
  • How to network & build a buyers list full of cash buyers.
  • What Gonzalo consider's his best deals he has done.
  • The worst deal he did, the mistakes he made & what he would do differently.
  • How Gonzalo learned to do what he does at such a young age.
  • The mindset that drives him to success & how he makes sure he keeps his eyes focused forward.

Show Related Definitions

  • Wholesaling Real Estate: The strategy of putting a real estate property under contract and then assigning that contract for a fee, usually at the closing. Because the wholesaling investor has an "equitable interest" in purchasing the property, they do not need a real estate salesperson license to sell the purchase contact.
  • Double Closing: A real estate closing technique which involves a first closing between the owner of the property and the wholesaler, and then a second separate closing between the wholesaler and the end-buyer; the deed from the seller is to the wholesaler and then the wholesaler signs a deed to the end-buyer. A double closing involves two sets of closing documents and two deeds.
  • Single Closing: When wholesaling, a "single closing" means the deed passes from the seller to the end-buyer and the wholesaler gets an assignment fee. There is usually one set of closing documents and one deed. Conducting the closing can be separated into two meetings; one where the seller signs the closing documents and one where the end-buyer signs, ensuring the seller and end-buyer do not meet face-to-face. 
  • VAs / Virtual Assistants: Workers who perform tasks remotely from home by computer or phone, usually from another country.

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